Why Won't You Cry (Por que você não chora?)


Powerful, honest and urgent in our troubled times - the compelling story of two strong-willed women on the edge of inner crisis - Why Won’t You Cry? turns an unflinching, distinctly female eye towards the darkest corners of mental health, too often unseen and unspoken.

Then one day, as part of a college internship for trainee therapists, Jessica is assigned the task of looking after Barbara. Diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, intelligent but troubled Barbara is already aware of her own volatility, describing herself as a ticking time bomb, inches away from complete self destruction.

Initially approaching her subject with clinical objectivity, Jessica gradually finds herself drawn into Barbaras chaotic but warmly human world, choosing to open up about herself in ways she would never have dreamed of before. But, as Barbara starts to gain control of her own inner landscape, Jessica is forced, for the first time in her life, to stare into the unexplored abyss of her own. Now teetering on the very edge, only she can decide which way to step.


"WHY WON'T YOU CRY?  Is just one step away from becoming a movie hit in the world of psychology." – Cinema Escrit

"Will soon be mandatory viewing." – Cinema Escrit 

"Cibele Amaral knows how to make good use of the art of cinema to talk about depression and suicide." – Cinema em Ação

"WHY WON'T YOU CRY? Is a good movie that highlights why urgent mental health care is needed." – CinePop

Running Time

84 Minutes




Cibele Amaral


Patrick de Jongh