Sex Drugs & Sausage Rolls


"Sex, Drugs & Sausage Rolls" is a hilarious sitcom that takes place in Craiggs Bakery in Newcastle, a local spot known for its mouthwatering sausage rolls and unconventional customer service. The show follows the lives of three girls, Georgie, Jaz, and Debs, as they navigate the challenges of their workplace and their personal lives.

Georgie is an intelligent young woman of mixed ethnicity and comes from a foster family. Although she excels academically and attends university, she struggles with self-confidence. She is honest, hardworking and responsible but has no street smarts and can seem stand-offish to the other girls. She needs to let go and enjoy life more, she’s in the right place for that. 

Jaz is the life and soul of any party. She's a witty yet cynical force of nature who is more than capable of picking and finishing a fight, be that verbal or physical. Despite her prowess, Jaz hates her job at the bakery and dreams of becoming a WAG. 

Debs is kind-hearted, loyal and too generous for her own good. She is a hopeless romantic yearning for the perfect partner to settle down  and start a family with. However, her terrible taste in men and gullible nature often leads her astray. Prone to anxiety, Debs will go to great lengths to please others. But when she blows her top, she’s like a She Hulk. 

With similarities to the worldwide success “The Derry Girls”, the series features other regular characters such as “Greasy” Graham, the store manager, Shelley, who tells wild stories about her past, Ratpisé who delivers sausage rolls on his moped, along with Veronica who wants to be on Masterchef and and star as a look-alike for the local agency.

Status: Development

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Running Time

18 x 24 Minute Episodes




Len Collin, Casey Davison, Katie Findlow, Connor Gutherless, Adam Heslop, Mykie Keavany, Sean Manninon, Hannah Miller, John Milligan, David Popham, Lukasz Przybysz,Tara Rogers, Jack Rouse, Charlotte Stead, Rebecca Tatters, Matthew Turner & Flora Walters