La Sagrada Familia


Carmen and Sergio are ordinary parents with three teenage kids, juggling the pressures of family and work. They live in the Sacred Valley of the Incas in Peru, and they work as guides during ayahuasca ceremonies. Their belief in the healing power of nature is at odds with the family’s growing addiction to technology, smartphones, videogames and Netflix. So they buy an old camper van and take a road trip to the Amazon rainforest, where they used to live, in order to ask nature how to find balance in the modern world. But with the van needing constant repair, and no Wi-Fi to distract the kids, the 1000-mile journey becomes the ultimate test for their relationship.

Running Time

90 mins


Creative Documentaries


Borja Alcalde


Borja Alcalde & Adam Dawtrey

Production Company

Yanantin World