Fair Trade 2


Three years later…

Chief inspector Walter Wilson is killed by a sniper in his own home, exactly two weeks after Russian mob boss Vladimir Kozlov was let out of prison.

Robin De Rover gets told by her chief commissioner that he no longer trusts her and she’s being transferred to the Homicide Division.

The cops there are not happy to see her. The fact that she worked closely with her corrupt chief makes her fair game within the Federal police force.

With some discreet help from crime boss Patrick ‘Padre’ Paternoster she wants to find Wilson’s killer.

Business has been good for Paternoster since Bob ‘Martino’ Martens skipped the country. On behalf of wealthy foreign drug lords, he lets his men collect large amounts of cocaine from containers in the Antwerp harbour, while making sure he himself stays below the radar.

When a large-scale operation to collect drugs goes completely awry and Paternoster only barely manages to escape, his henchmen get arrested.

Who tipped off the police? Has Bob Martens returned to Antwerp after three years in hiding?



Ella-June Henrard, Peter Van den Begin, Ksenia Mishina

Running Time

6 x 1 Hour


Crime Drama


Marc Punt

Production Company

Independent Productions