Fair Trade 1


We follow Walter ‘Wally’ Wilson and Robin De Rover, chief inspector and inspector respectively of the Narcotics Division of the federal police and two crime bosses: Patrick Paternoster, ‘the Padre’, and Bob ‘ Martino’ Martens. Wilson is a macho womanizer with a big mouth, but his heart is in the right place. His addiction problems make him an unpredictable risk taker. De Rover is an intelligent, resilient lesbian and workaholic who struggles to not to take her work home with her no matter if it affects her personal life.

Although they are chalk and cheese, they form a remarkable and inseparable duo. They bicker constantly, but they complement each other perfectly. Wilson and De Rover started their careers in the police force with a lot of commitment and noble ideals. But months of intensive and dangerous police work went to waste because of irrelevant procedural errors, tricks from lawyers and questionable decisions by out of touch judges.

Demotivated by their hard work going down the drain they go from partners in justice to partners in crime receiving handsome rewards for tipping off criminals about impending police interventions. While Wilson has no issues with blackmailing and extorting drug dealers, gangs and pimps De Rover sees things are heading in the wrong direction for her partner but can’t find a way back without compromising or abandoning him.


Ella-June Henrard, Kevin Janssens, Peter Van den Begin, Jeroen Perceval, Axel Daeseleire,  Ksenia Mishina

Running Time

8 x 1 Hour


Crime Drama


Marc Punt

Production Company

Independent Productions