Son of Man


Based on true facts, SON OF MAN is the story of Arura, a trans man who lives in the conservative state of Iran. Before, when Arura was Azar, she gave birth to a healthy baby girl, Armita, and transitioned afterwards becoming Arura. He then brought his new daughter up as her father. They have a loving and close relationship with Arura encouraging his daughter to be independent and to enjoy her love of music and playing the drums. The years go by and they plan to leave Iran for Germany as soon as they can to start a new life.


When Arura’s Father passes away his inheritance could provide him with the funds needed to start his new life in the West with his daughter. Having been estranged from his family since transitioning, his brother Aria intends to make sure Arura is disinherited for bringing shame to his family. When Arura refuses to be cut out of his inheritance his brother tries to blackmail him, threatening to contact his ex-husband Bahman, who is living in Italy and prepared to reveal all.


With the support of his only friend who has been there for him all along, Arura decides to ignore his brother’s attempts of bribery.


Soon afterwards Bahman arrives in Tehran claiming paternity of his daughter and threatening to reveal the past to Armita who has no knowledge of the transition; she has always believed her mother had died when she was a baby.  Bahman spends time with Armita, getting to know her and observing the close relationship she has with the man she has always known as her father. Will he drop the bombshell from the past and potentially destroy the belief, trust and love Armita has always had for her father?


Leila Zareh as Mino

Behnam Sharafi as Arura

Majid Potki as Bahman

Paria Mardanian as Armita

Hadi Eftekharzadeh as Aria

Running Time

93 Minutes




Panah Khodayari

Sepideh Mir Hosseini


Sepideh Mir Hosseini


Vahid Dalili

Sepideh Mir Hosseini

Director of Photography

Shahram Najjaryan