Sharing Language and Common Pain (Cork Independent)

Dec 2021

A Cork-based production company has just launched a film telling the true story of an Iranian woman who changed gender and raised her newborn child as its father.


Director Sepideh Hosseini’s ‘Son of Man’ tells the story of Azar who, following her divorce, gives birth to a baby girl, Armita. With the support of her only friend, Azar transitions from female to male, and mother to father, to become Ahoura.


Father and daughter enjoy a loving and close relationship with Armita believing her mother Azar had died when she was a baby. The years go by as they plan to leave the conservative state of Iran for Germany where they hope to start a new life.


However, the secrets of the past, which they hoped had been buried forever, resurface when Armita’s biological father, Bahman, appears in Tehran to claim paternity and to reveal all, threatening to tear their whole world apart.


Launched internationally by Cork-based Silver Mountain Distribution (SMP), the film stars Behnam Sharafi, Majid Potki, Paria Mardanian and Hadi Eftekharzadeh.


Director Sepideh Hosseini said: “I am so pleased that this important film is being launched into the world markets. Using the story and lived experience of my friend and incorporating real events, I intend to raise much needed awareness and encourage the world to confront and openly discuss the plight of the transgender community. It is so important that we share the language and common pain of humanity and get the world to defend the transgender view. Maybe if we all join hands the whole world can help to bring about change.”


SMP’s Creative Director Dominique Murphy-de Neef added: “LGBTQIA+ rights need to be fought for from every corner of the world. This film is an incredible piece of work that sheds light on the discrimination that transgender people are subjected to.


“We still live in a world where transgender people are marginalised by members of our society for being who they are. The lack of understanding and support in today’s society is unacceptable and this is why films like this are so crucial. This film highlights the transgender experience alongside beautiful cinematography and powerful performances.”


The true story follows trans man Ahoura as he struggles with fatherhood in a conservative Iran.