The New Music Film - PD Connect (Podcast)

Jun 2018

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In just a handful of episodes, PD Connect is already establishing a global reach. For our first episode, we journeyed over the wires to England to interview Emma Lawton. And now, in this latest episode, we are thrilled to connect with the Parkinson's community in Ireland to share the details of a truly groundbreaking film.


Chiara Viale joins us to talk about "The New Music", a feature film about Adrian, a talented pianist struggling with young onset Parkinson's disease. Adrian's path to acceptance and joy begins when he is invited to join a punk band - a dramatic departure from his classical training.   


Chiara is the writer and director of the film. For Chiara and the entire cast and crew, The New Music is truly a passion project. Many of the volunteers involved in making the film have donated their personal funds to bring it to life. Please listen to our interview with Chiara to learn how the idea for The New Music began with a story about a musician and evolved into so much more.  


You can see the trailer for the film and behind the scenes footage on the film's Facebook page and YouTube channel. The production team has also lauched a crowd-funding campaign to help fund editing, sound, music, marketing and festival entries. Please consider making a donation to help bring this amazing film to the screen. 20% of money raised from the fundraising campaign will go directly to Young Parkinson's Ireland, as well as all profits from the film.