Oct 2020

Indie filmmaking can present so many challenges – in funding, in finishing, in finding its audience – that it is always important to highlight and celebrate success stories when they emerge. The New Music is a prominent Irish example, a film and crew that have worked through the process of independent film over several years, and through innovative approaches and, as should be at the core of all filmmaking, vibrant ideas and messages at its heart. It has been through a crowdfunding journey, been celebrated on the festival circuit at home and abroad and staged a successful screening at the Irish Film Institute. Now the film has secured distribution in Ireland and the UK, and we are looking forward to hearing more about when this story of punk, Parkinson’s and friendship will be available widely to watch.

Silver Mountain Distribution, the worldwide sales division of Carey Fitzgerald’s Silver Mountain Productions, have announced the sale of all UK and Ireland rights of debut Irish feature film The New Music to 101 Films. Director Chiara Viale’s debut feature was produced by Philip Kidd and discovered by Silver Mountain at the IndieCork Film Festival, where it won The Spirit of Indie Cork Award. The film was also selected for the 2020 Chicago Irish Film Festival and is the Irish entry at the Los Angeles Punk Film Festival.


The film is an apt reminder of how a negative situation can open the door to something positive when life’s obstacles are overcome. The New Music follows the story of a classically trained pianist Adrian (Cilléin Mc Evoy) who has a promising career ahead of him, all to be taken away when he is diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson’s disease. Having run away to Dublin from the the control of his up-tight family, Adrian moves in with Will (Jack Fenton), David (Patrick O’Brien) and Jodie (Martina Babišová) who make up a punk band  known as The Cellmates who are anything but up-tight. He bonds with them as their rebellious and punchy music provides an exciting distraction to his troubles and a sharp contrast to his previous life.


Silver Mountain’s Creative Director, Dominique Murphy-de Neef, commented about the deal with 101 Films:

“101 Films are definitely the best distributor for this inspiring and feel good music film. Chiara Viale has touched on such an important issue which hasn’t been widely spoken about up until recent years; living with a disability and how a diagnosis can turn your life upside down, especially as a young person. Films like this are so needed as they spread awareness about these stories and what is especially wonderful about this film is that it does exactly that alongside a charming story line and some great music!”

The deal was negotiated by 101 Films Director of Acquisitions Steve Davey who added:

“101 Films is delighted to be working with Carey at Silver Mountain again, having worked together on ‘Kat and the Band’. We feel that The New Music is exactly what people will want to watch after such a challenging time in 2020. With such positive messages of friendship, confronting and overcoming life’s many obstacles and great music, we are looking forward to sharing this warm and heartfelt film when we release it in Q1 2021. We also look forward to working with director Chiara Viale, and her team, to spread the word and get the film seen by the widest possible audience”.

The New Music was made with support of Young Parkinson’s Ireland.